Mahalaville Farm
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About Us
We are a first-generation mushroom farm in central North Carolina. 

We are a family owned and operated farm in southern Davidson County. Purchased
in 1993, our home is a constant work in progress, but a labor of love.  The past few
years became more stressful for me with a long commute to work, so along with my
family we decided to turn our home into a working farm.  We've always enjoyed
farming and gardening, so it's been a natural transition.

Remodeling a 900 square foot building on our property proved to be an adventure
but well worth the late nights and blisters. With my wife, Angie, and my son, Nathan,
we managed to turn it into a clean, high producing grow house for hardwood-based
specialty mushrooms. Now the building provides a temperature, humidity and
C02 controlled environment, so we can provide fresh mushrooms year-round to
our customers and community.
At Mahalaville farms we care about sustainability. We recycle byproducts from other
agricultural areas; cottonseed hulls, soybean hulls, and hardwood sawdust to make our
mushroom blocks.

We use certified organic mushrooms spores from Field and Forest Products to
inoculate our blocks. After the blocks finish producing fresh mushrooms, we use them
to make our own Mushroom compost. The compost can be used as a soil amendment
for flower beds and vegetable gardens. 

We designed our grow facility, so we do not need to use pesticides or harsh chemicals
to keep our farm clean. By growing mushrooms indoors, and controlling the
temperature, humidity, and fresh air exchange in our building, we save both energy
and water.