Sunflower Hill Farm LLC
City: Lexington , NC, 27295
Phone: 336-906-0492
About Us
About us:

My parents bought this land and built a house here in Davidson County over 30 years ago, and my husband and I had the opportunity to return here after living out-of-state for years, in various professions. My husband is an ex-Navy fighter pilot, currently a construction manager, while I am an ex-textile designer and middle school teacher, among other things. In 2018, we were finally able to move back to NC and pursue our dream of farm life. We currently offer lamb and honey, with plans to add pastured turkey, garlic, and specialty produce soon.

If there's room:

My desire to grow things stems from my parents. They have always had a large garden, and my father also plants orchards and small fruits wherever they live, while my mom especially enjoys flowers and herbs. One year, I came home to acres of sunflowers, a sight to behold! Because of that amazing image in my head, I chose the name “Sunflower Hill Farm” for our business. My hope is that the farm will inspire others like I was inspired by my parents.

Our goal is to make the farm into a sustainable small farm, using a combination of pasture raised livestock, specialty produce and plants, and agritourism. One look at all the fat and happy earthworms in our garden soil will tell you we use organic fertilizer products only, and will continue to build soil health by composting manure and garden wastes. Through naturally cycling nutrients through our soil, plants, and animals, we benefit with healthy and delicious food for ourselves and others.