Rocky Forge Farm
Contact: Michael and Jodi Jones
Address: 3042 Simerson Rd Linwood, NC, 27299
Phone: 336-250-9680
About Us
Rocky Forge Farm is a located in Churchland, NC. We are a local sustainable farm focusing on quality rather than quantity. A true farm to table farm bringing Premium American Wagyu to you. Our family has been farming this land since 1878. We founded Rocky Forge Farm with a two-fold mission. First is to bring the ultimate "culinary experience" with the best tasting beef that's also healthy. Secondly, is to continue the legacy for our family farm started so many years ago.
Our cattle are on our farm from start to finish! Every aspect of their growth is watched and provided for. But we want to do more than just put out excellent quality beef. We want to make sure the land and soil is usable for years and generations to come. By utilizing regenerative farming practices (Cover crops, minimal soil disturbance (such as use of no-till or strip-till), diversified crop rotations, field buffers and perennial plant strips on contours to reduce soil runoff, integrating crops and livestock where feasible), rotational grazing and no use of chemicals, we are rebuilding the soil and in turn creating beautiful pastures that our American Wagyu are feasting on their entire lives!