Garden Window Farm
Contact: Ben Geiger
Address: 1128 Surratt Road Denton, NC, 27239
Phone: 719-217-2123
About Us
Located in Denton, North Carolina. We're here to provide your family with amazing seasonal produce. Here at Garden Window we make a conscious effort to grow our vegetables in a sustainable manner. Our farm is Certified Naturally Grown! It is our goal to build healthy soils, create biological diversity, and mitigate the use of synthetic chemicals so that we can provide the most nutrient dense and delicious vegetables possible. We encourage our customers to ask about our sustainable practices or schedule a farm tour to see them for yourself! Find us at the Uptown Farmers Market in Charlotte on Saturdays from 8am-12:30pm. We also have some involvement with the Thomasville and Lexington weekday and winter markets. Check our social media for updates!
We are Certified Naturally Grown! This means we avoid using synthetic chemicals and GMOs and we focus our efforts on continually growing our farm's sustainability and biodiversity.